Friday 13 September 2013

Day 2 - Hello/Lei Ho Hong Kong

We had a three hour lay over in Dubai Airport, the time flew by. Dubai Airport is simply massive, be prepared for a lot of walking if you find yourself here. It's one incredible transfer airport, it has everything including a hotel.

After some food and a Starbucks we boarded our flight bound for Hong Kong an hour early around 2:20am to finally take off some 90 minutes later. Our plane had a few technical difficulties which kept reoccurring. Certainly not something you want to hear. Our steward for the evening was Irish too!

There was a different feel to this flight as it was technically overnight for us even though it was daylight outside. The window shades where drawn to keep it dark, lights glistened in the ceiling to create the starlight atmosphere. We tried to sleep but it was difficult. The food wasn't as nice either, we ended up eating very little. 

Very tired we landed into Hong Kong around 4pm local time. The airport is extremely efficient. Your temperature is checked on arrival too. We didn't have to wait anytime for the bags to arrive before picking up our "Octopus" card (like the Oyster Card) for local travel. It costed $300 (€29) for a two way Airport transfer and 3 days unlimited local travel. Really great value. 

The views where stunning as we took the 20 odd minute ride from the Airport to Hong Kong Central. We took a taxi from the station to our apartment. The 10 minute journey only cost €4. Our host met us outside and showed us around his apartment which we are renting over our stay here. 

Space is tight here in Kong Kong, as a result buildings rise high and make the most use of whatever space is available. Our apartment is no different, we are on the 8th of 20 odd floors. It's spacious yet compact.

We love it. Plus its in a great location - a short walk to the nightlife and a short metro ride to all the big shopping malls.

We popped out to pick up some groceries before heading out for a walk around central and causeway bay areas. We ended up in the very noisy Lan Kwai Fong area with it's many bars. 

Outside Abercombie

We finally got to bed around 3am some 37 hours without Sleep! Great fun! Now we Sleep - tomorrow we plan on starting late. 


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