Wednesday 25 September 2013

Day 15 - Homebound

With the alarms set for 4am we didn't get too much sleep. We quickly finished the packing and checked out of the hotel by 5am.

All packed and ready to leave 

Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport is like a Disco

After check in - at Dubai International Airport
We had to take a bus to the plane, a tad annoying, which did mean it took longer to load everyone on board, so we took off a little late. The fight was just over 8 hours back to Dublin.

Our boarding gate

Our vegan arabic breakfast on board Emirates
During the flight we managed to squeeze in three movies (including Die Harder A Good Day to Die Hard and Olympus has fallen) on their impressive in flight entrainment system, which provided up to three screens!

The "ICE" information, communication and entertainment system on board Emirates. 
Due to local fog we circled Dublin for quite a while but landed safe and sound.

We've had an incredible adventure over the last two weeks. The contrast between China and The United Arab Emirates is great. We have loved both cities and are sure to visit both again.

Thanks for taking the time out to come on this journey with us, it's been great reading the comments. It's really appreciated.

Until our next adventure!

Patrick & Vinnie

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