Saturday 14 September 2013

Day 4 - Causeway Bay

Today we spent the day on the east side of Hong Kong island in the Causeway Bay area. We didn't get out until 4pm (still on Irish Time) but we stayed out exploring until midnight. Unlike Dublin, stores open until very late and the public transport run into the morning.

The below map shows our "checkins" from foursquare to give you an idea of the area we spent the day.

This is a well thought out city. Each metro station has numerous named exits (A1, A2, B, C etc). The number indicates the side of the road and the letter indicates which street above ground. This makes planning leaving an unfamiliar station seamless. The exits are details underground in addition to be shown on maps like Google maps on our iPhones. The first destination was the SOGO Japanese department store, which was connected directly into the basement from the Causeway Bay metro stop.

Our neighbourhood
The SOGO department store covers something like 16 stories. In the basement we found the food hall with a Beard Papa's, my favourite japanese cream puffs. They are wonderful choux pastry puff balls filled with vanilla custard.

The area outside reminded us of New York. High rise buildings, 10000s of people walking and rushing about. We found at least 6 massive shopping malls including one with an Apple Store and a Hollister.

Like Times Square?
Along Great George Street we found more malls and stores including an IKEA. Unlike other IKEA locations, which is a city store with delivery only on goods. A note on the street names, we laughed when we saw Great George Street, just like back home, the British did name streets in both countries using a small set of English names it would appear. We share a lot with Hong Kong from these street names, to driving on the left side of the road and three pin plugs etc.

Inside IKEA
Just like we celebrate Solstice back home, the Chinese celebrate the mid autumn festival. They however use Lanterns. We took in a little visit to Lantern Wonderland located in Victoria Park.

Arriving at Lantern Wonderland

It's best to visit at night as we were treated to a light show from a massive dome representing the moon. The dome was made out of recycled water battles, each with a coloured light inside.

Outside the dome with it's reflection in the water.

Inside the Dome
After some more street exploring we headed back home to rest and drink some cold medicine. Both Vinnie and I picked up a little cold on the way over and have been coughing and sneezing all day. We will have to take it a little easier over the next few days.

Lemsip - Sneeze

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