Sunday 15 September 2013

Day 5 - Sunday Day Off

We kicked off the day with a visit to the Western Market. The guide books recommend a visit and it's on our door step in our neighbourhood. It's a three story market of local goods and textiles, but really it wasn't great.

Our neighbourhood with the double decker trams in the background
We walked to the IFC mall via one of the midtown elevated walkways. We were a little surprised to find 1000's of women all camped out along the walkways. They didn't look homeless and they all were engaged in chatting and picnicking. It turned out they are the local Filipino community, who have Sunday off. They gather in their 1000s' like this on a Sunday to chat and gossip!

The local Filipino community gathering on the walkways outside the IFC mall
We revisited the IFC mall before connecting with the metro and heading to the bigger Elements mall on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. 
Some steamed buns being prepared (Dim Sum) in the mall
The interchange at Hong Kong Metro (MTR) station. 
It was a day of malls for us as we headed to the City Harbour mall next which is MASSIVE. It took us a few hours to get around all the floors. We didn't leave empty handed.

More cream puffs - we picked up the tiramasu one

Inside the City Harbour Mall
Leaving the mall a breathtaking view across to Hong Kong Island greeted us. You simply can't tire of this view.

The harbour view over to Kong Kong Island
We found this funny - McDonalds serves rice and broccoli with their meals here!
We headed a little north to Mong Kok to take in some of the night markets.

They place large flower displays outside new stores when they've newly opened. 

The Mong Kok area - the night market is close by.

The night market.
We got back to apartment just after midnight and stayed in to relax and shake our colds.

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