Friday 13 September 2013

Day 3 - A Symphony of Lights

Still suffering from jet lag we didn't arise until after 2pm today! We needed the sleep, after breakfast and a little Celebrity Big Brother UK catch up we left around 4pm to start our day! Late I know, but still early back home.

We started off exploring the local area. There is one of the oldest temples behind the apartment, the man Man Mo Temple, dedicated to the gods of literature and war!

From there we walked to central making a pitstop at a famous egg tart bake shop. Whilst I am a fan of the Portuguese egg tart (Pastel de nata) these were very eggy.

Located close by is the very impressive four story Abercrombie and Fitch flagship store which opened last year. It's certainly one of if not the most impressive Abercrombie store we've ever visited. The prices are through the roof, even compared the Dublin store back home. We didn't buy anything but did get some photos taken with the store model.

There are quite a few malls located in this area, the upmarket Landmark is opposite and it's only use was a covered and air conditioned overpass to the IFC mall across the road. We took a break in Pret A Manger (yes the UK sandwich store) for an iced Creme Brûlée Tea Latte which was rather tasty.

After a visit to the Apple Store we left the mall and took the famous Star Ferry boat across Victoria Harbour to catch the nightly light show from Kowloon Public Pier at 8pm. The show which is the worlds largest permanent light and sound show uses lights and laser to light up the buildings on Hong Kong island.

We took this boat to cross Victoria Harbour
The last time we visited Hong Kong we stayed over this part of the city. It has changed a lot, more malls and shops have opened. Kowloon is flat compared to Hong Kong island and as a result is the site of the most new construction these days.

The view over to Hong Kong island
We headed back to the apartment for midnight and got out to some local pubs and clubs around 3am. Late again but we are still operating on Irish time! We got to bed around 6am as the sun was rising.

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  1. The lights look great! Funny but I love Pastel de Nata too...... best eaten in a street cafe in Lisbon!