Wednesday 11 September 2013

Day 1 - Half way to Hong Kong

Yes after one day we are only half way to Hong Kong. 

Our flight leaving Dublin took off just after 2pm and landed some 7 hours later in Dubai (midnight local time). Our route shown below took us over Syrian airspace too!

We face a 3 hour wait here before connecting onward to Hong Kong. That flight should take around 10 hours. 

The last time we flew to Hong Kong we connected in London with Quantas, but as we wanted to spend some time in Dubai on the way home it make sense to book everything through Emirates. Cheaper too. 

Checking in back in Dublin Airport was breeze, made simpler now we have digital boarding passes on our iPhones. 

We always love to stock up on vegetarian sandwiches in Boots to enjoy on board so we where thrilled to find Boots have recently opened a larger store in Terminal 1's The Street area. However to our dismay Boots Ireland have cut back and no longer import food items from The UK, opting for a local bland brand of meat sandwiches. Horrible. 

Thankfully the good inboard was great and plentiful. We preordered a vegan meal and were treated to a delicious potatoes curry. 

We connect with our flight to Hong Kong soon so we plan on browsing the Dubai Duty Free shops first before our second day starts and we finally arrive to Hong Kong! 

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  1. ....hope you are enjoying the second leg on a 777 too?